Hayes, London, UB3

Our investor profile for this particular project was a client who had funds sitting in the bank earning next to no interest on their money and wanted to defend against inflation. Due to high capital growth in this regeneration area, this investor was able to maintain a monthly cash flow return and then able to refinance out within 3 years with all money out. FLP manages and maintains the property and was able to provide this investor with a far greater return than any bank could have.


Location and research into Hillingdon Boroughs future regeneration planning were a defining factor when purchasing this one-bed property back in 2011 to allow great capital investment gains to be made. This 2009 off-plan purchase started off with an initial self-funded £16,000.00 deposit, but because of increasing financial recession turmoil at the time, leading criteria from the banks quickly changed overnight.

Instead of a basic 10% deposit, this property purchase now required an additional £45,000.00 to secure the plot to complete the purchase, resulting in a total deposit fee of at the time of £61,000.00. 

This buy and hold investment plot met our investment criteria as it showed high rental demand for cash flow, excellent transport links as it was on the doorstep of Hayes and Harlington Station which is only 18 minutes by train to Paddington London, and 5 minutes to Heathrow. This station had also been confirmed as a future Crossrail Link Station. The development also featured a Tesco Metro, in addition to Nuffield Gym complete with swimming pool, two fitness studios and spa facilities for quality lifestyle resident living.